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New Soft Convex Pouches - “These are the best pouches that I have ever used. They are the only ones that don't irritate my skin and are more comfortable for me. I would recommend them to everyone in the future.’’


 “When the product samples arrived, they were very well presented, each item in a separate, clearly-labelled polybag. Dealing with your company has been a breath of fresh air. I have used many ostomy pouches, but I can honestly say that I have not used any, which are as comfortable as your Combimate two-piece ostomy range. In addition, they are flexible, a perfect size and easy to use. The pouches are soft, less obtrusive and there is no embarrassing pouch noise. Even in the recent hot weather, I have not suffered any skin irritation.


“The pouches work very well for me, the material they are made from doesn’t seem to irritate my skin, this being the reason for the change to Peak Medical’s product.’’


“Over the past nine years I have used various washers, but for me these are the most successful washers yet.’’


 “On all occasions, I have received a very efficient, friendly, understanding and competent service from Kim in Customer Services. She listened very patiently to my requirements, and went that extra mile to make sure that my needs were met.’’


“In order to prevent stenosis of my urostomy, it is necessary for me to use intermittent catheters. Previously, I have been using some very long catheters, but now I have found your UltraSmooth Meatal Dilators. These are so much easier to use, are smaller in length, and I have noticed that I am suffering from less urinary tract infections.’’


“I liked this smaller sized pouch and found it useful for wearing for limited periods of time, for example when playing golf or going out for the evening.’’


“The bag felt nice and soft, very neat, less obtrusive and no rustling noise.’’


“Thank you for your help and kindness. This is my first time dealing with your company, and I am very satisfied with customer relations.’’


“No soreness on skin as other appliances caused.’’


“They are the best pouches I have used.’’




Ostomy Products

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Peak Medical has an extensive range of stoma products and is the exclusive distributor of the well established range of EuroTec ostomy products manufactured in the Netherlands. Peak Medical’s ostomy products are continually being improved in cooperation with both users and professionals.

For additional information on any of Peak Medical’s range of ostomy products or to receive complimentary samples please call:

0800 652 0424

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If you are finding it difficult to order any product from our ostomy range or you have been advised by your supplier that it is currently out of stock and therefore not available, or is not listed on their system, please contact us immediately on Freephone 0800 652 0424 and we will be happy to help. 


Featured Products


New Combimate Adjustable Ostomy Belt

We are pleased to be able to offer a new 50mm wide adjustable ostomy belt that provides extra comfort and peace of mind when used with our Combimate 2-Piece Ostomy System and most other ostomy appliances.  

Ensuring even distribution of pressure and support around the peristomal area. Available now on NHS prescription. 

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Extra Large Soft Convex Pouches - New!

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our new extra large size soft convex pouches, now available in a drainable and closed pouch that cut up to 54mm. This is an extension to our existing range of soft convex pouches. Available now on NHS prescription. 

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Medium Size Soft Convex Pouches - New!

Our new medium size soft convex pouches, are available in a drainable and closed pouch in two cut to fit options: 13-35mm and 13-44mm, in a variety of pre-cut sizes. This is an extension to our existing range of soft convex pouches. Available now on NHS prescription. 

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Large Size Soft Convex Pouches

Our large size soft convex pouches, are available in a drainable, closed and urostomy pouch in two cut to fit options: 13-35mm and 13-44mm, in a variety of pre-cut sizes. Available now on NHS prescription. 

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Varimate Retention Strips

Our Varimate Retention Strips provide additional security and peace of mind when needed. Easy to apply, skin friendly, water resistant - ideal when swimming and bathing!

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Colomate Mini Stoma Caps 

Our Colomate Mini Stoma Caps do not have an integral filter like many traditional ‘stoma caps’ but they do have a super absorbent pad designed to absorb moisture emitted from a defunctioned colostomy (mucous fistula) or to absorb drops of urine from a Mitrofanoff continent urinary reservoir if needed in between catheterisations.

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Varimate Resist ‘Eye Shaped’ Washer

Varimate Resist ‘eye shaped’ Washers are, as the name suggests, resistant to moisture and the aggressive output from faecal stomas. They are also resistant to the effects of acid urine.

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 Varimate resist washer