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UltraSmooth Meatal Dilators

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Our UltraSmooth Meatal Dilator is a single use hydrophilic coated catheter without drainage eyes designed specifically for the dilatation of meatal strictures in males. Now available on prescription in Tapered Tip and Standard Bullet Tip options. 

The benefits to you...

  • Safe and reliable hydrophilic coating activated in 15-30 seconds, remains smooth and highly lubricated from insertion to removal.

  • Easy access finger holes require minimum effort when opening Meatal Dilator packaging. Ideal for those with limited dexterity.

  • Integrated funnel for grip and no-touch insertion.

  • Self-adhesive pad enables Meatal Dilator packaging to be fixed to a convenient surface.

  • Self-adhesive product information label for convenient patient record.   

Available on NHS prescription.

To receive complimentary samples of the UltraSmooth Meatal Dilators please call:


0800 652 0424

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To view the product leaflet please click on the link below:

UltraSmooth Meatal Dilator

Product Codes

NEW Tapered Tip Meatal Dilator (12cm) - Pack of 30
Charrier Size Product Code
12Ch USMDT12
14Ch USMDT14
16Ch USMDT16
18Ch USMDT18


Standard Bullet Tip Meatal Dilator (12cm) - Pack of 25
Charrier Size Product Code
08Ch USMD08
10Ch USMD10
12Ch USMD12
14Ch USMD14
16Ch USMD16
18Ch USMD18

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