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Uromate 1-Piece Urostomy Pouches

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The Uromate 1-Piece Urostomy Pouch has been designed to enhance comfort whilst ensuring maximum security. Available in various capacities and sizes, with the choice of cut to fit or pre-cut skin barriers.

The benefits to you...

Skin Barrier

  • Traditionally formulated, slim, flexible, skin friendly, hydrocolloid adhesive skin barrier that effectively absorbs moisture, maintaining the skin in optimum condition.
  • Available in various shapes that offer maximum security in areas where creases and skin folds are likely to occur around the stoma.

Pouch Cover

  • Body side covering is made of a soft, non-woven material that helps to prevent skin soreness by absorbing moisture from the skin.
  • Available in a 'needle pin' split cover to assist with pouch application and observation of the stoma.

Non-Return Valve

  • A non-return valve prevents backflow of urine onto the stoma and skin barrier, preventing skin soreness and increasing pouch wear time.

Easier Drainage

  • The wide bore, soft silicone bottom outlet tap allows drainage of urine and mucus.
  • Wide bore adaptors are included to allow connection to universal leg bags and overnight drainage systems.
  • Unique 'Tuck-Away' pocket for retaining the outlet tap for enhanced comfort and discretion.

This product range is latex free.
Available on NHS prescription.

To download a factsheet on this product please click on the link below:

Uromate 1-Piece Urostomy Pouches

Product Codes

Large Urostomy Pouch – Pack of 20
Stoma Size Transparent
Cut to fit 13-60mm ULT113B
Pre-cut 16mm ULT116B
Pre-cut 19mm ULT119B
Pre-cut 22mm ULT122B
Pre-cut 25mm ULT125B
Pre-cut 28mm ULT128B
Pre-cut 32mm ULT132B
Pre-cut 35mm ULT135B
Pre-cut 38mm ULT138B

Medium Urostomy Pouch – Pack of 20
Stoma Size Transparent
Cut to fit 13-60mm UMT113B

Extra Small Urostomy Pouch – Pack of 20
Stoma Size Transparent
Cut to fit 10-50mm UXST110B
Urostomy Night Drainage Adaptors – Pack of 10
Product Code      
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Large Urostomy Pouch

Medium Urostomy Pouch

 Large Urostomy Pouch



Extra Small
Urostomy Pouch


Urostomy Night
 Drainage Adaptor 

Extra Small Urostomy Pouch