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UltraSmooth Meatal Dilators

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Building on the successful UltraSmooth brand of intermittent catheters, Peak Medical introduced the UltraSmooth Meatal Dilator. The Meatal Dilator is 12cm long, and is a single use hydrophilic coated catheter without drainage eyes designed specifically for dilatation of meatal strictures. It is available in various Charrier sizes to suit all needs.

The benefits to you...

  • Durable, consistently stable and highly lubricous, the hydrophilic coating ensures ultra smooth insertion and removal.
  • The durable hydrophilic coating resists 'drying out', unlike other hydrophilic coatings.
  • The coating is activated in water within 15 seconds.
  • Finger holes allow primary packaging to be opened easily.
  • Integrated funnel for grip and no-touch insertion.
  • Adhesive pad on packaging allows it to be stuck securely to most surfaces for preparation.
  • Foil packaging ensures that the product reaches the end user in optimum condition.    

Available on NHS prescription.

To download a factsheet on this product please click on the link below:

UltraSmooth Meatal Dilator

Product Codes

Meatal Dilator Length 12cm - Pack of 25
Charrier Size Product Code
08Ch USMD08
10Ch USMD10
12Ch USMD12
14Ch USMD14
16Ch USMD16
18Ch USMD18
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Meatal Dilator
Length 12cm

 UltraSmooth Meatal Dilator